Dieline · Little Spoon's Innovative Packaging Design By SMAKK Helps Transition The Brand From Baby To Big-Kid

Little Spoon's Innovative Packaging Design By SMAKK Helps Transition The Brand From Baby To Big-Kid

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SMAKK's updated packaging design for Little Spoon's new product line effectively differentiates the brand's offerings for older children from their original baby-oriented meals and snacks. SMAKK recognized the brand's commitment to offering USDA organic, non-GMO baby food and designed packaging that aligns with its dedication to promoting a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

The packaging features playful fonts, delightful category and product names like "Lunchers," "Veggie Loops," "Dippers," and "Fruit Rippers," and original illustrations that make each meal exciting for kids. SMAKK's creative choices include ingredient-inspired characters and creating a system that appeals to the younger audience while making it easy and compelling for parents to make knowledgeable choices. The bold design sets a new standard for kids' lunches and snacks, bridging old-school charm with modern, playful aesthetics.

Looking to age up from baby to big-kid, direct-to-consumer kid’s food brand, Little Spoon approached SMAKK to help them design packaging for their new line of products that clearly distinguishes their original, younger skewing meals and snacks from their new, older line for ages four and up.

Little Spoon is an award-winning, leading DTC brand on a mission to make parents’ lives easier and kids healthier. With an online community of more than 1.5 million subscribers, they service hundreds of thousands of millennial and Gen Z parents across the country with healthy, nutritious, and fun food for their children at every eating stage.

From your baby’s first bites to their big kid years, the fact that Little Spoon offers USDA organic, non-GMO baby food in six stages, is just one of the many reasons we were hungry to work with the brand. We love that every Little Spoon product is clean, tested for 400+ contaminants including heavy metals, cut to size to support children’s motor and oral skills, and packed with a wide array of veggies to prevent picky eating and jumpstart a lifetime of healthy eating. We knew bringing old-school lunches and snacks up to new school standards would require making bold creative choices, using playful fonts, joyful category and product names, original illustrations and “power badges” to make every meal memorable and exciting.

Beginning with the product language, SMAKK created strong, ownable category names that kids could ask for by name–Lunchers, Veggie Loops, Dippers, and Fruit Rippers–as well as flavor names to build familiarity and understanding across the broader brand architecture, as well as key marketing channels. SMAKK also illustrated ingredient-inspired characters to further establish a system across products that felt young and playful for kids, with value callouts–like hidden vegetable ingredients–to make the decision easy and exciting for parents too.

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